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Founded in 1994 by the Masson brothers, Pneumatic Head Compressor, one of the oldest metal-electronic-industrial-noisy band in Belgium is still there to bring the chaos on stage..

« Their Music is somewhere between Meshuggah and Godflesh »

With destructured, heavy, tortured music and a confusion of original tones, strange noises, shouts and atypical singings, P.H.C. surprises by the originality and diversity of its repertoire.

As a matter of fact, PHC’s intense compositions are the result of a long maturation process (the group finds it funny to call it a putrefaction process).

Let’s we forget, the fraternal duo has been involved in Magasin 4 for a long time. As one of the last fortresses of alternative music in Brussels, it is fair to say they had a lot on their plate; one might even wonder when these DIY aficionados —who record, mix and create their artwork by themselves—have found the time to share the stage with bands such as Godflesh, Zu, Pound, OvO, Hint, La Muerte, Mr Marcaille, Zeni Geva, Punish Yourself, Le Singe Blanc and many more….

Throughout the PHC’s Music we find the dense, uncompromising, unstructured and pounding music Pneumatic Head Compressor cherish: oppressive, tortuous grooves, raging lyrics and… well… ape-like vocalizations put into a shaker with industrial, metal, hardcore, doom, electronic and experimental sounds. A harsh man/machine duel that sums them up pretty well.

The brothers’ desire to make the listener jump into dark, murky waters and to keep him breathless until the end of the listening experience is remarkable.

See Pneumatic Heda Compressor on stage with the amazing visual support by Isa Nouzha

New LP on 2024



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Instagram: pneumatic_head_compressor

Pneumatic Head Compressor

Régis Masson : Guitar, Vocals, Samplers and Programmations.

Christophe Masson : Bass, Vocals, Samplers and Programmations.

Visual : Isa Nouzha

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